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Icebiking in Russia?

Mark's Bicycle Commuter Page

Mark's Bicycle Commuter Page

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My daily commute is 32 miles. As often as possible I do this on a bike. In the winter

this is a pain. The biggest thing is; it adds to my commute and preparation times. I find that in general, poly pro covered by wind pants and a wind breaker works well. The only thing I change in winter weather because of temperature are gloves and footwear.
   The other day when the temperature was -4F I wore winter boots but my toes still got cold. I decided that my Power Grips were too tight for those boots and were cutting off my circulation, so I bought XL's. In my other shoes this was not a problem. My winter bike is just an old beater that I bought used for $100. I didn't want to mess up my good bike in the snow and ice, but more than that I didn't want to have to change tyres. I put Nokian Mount and Ground tyres on both Front and Rear. This improves handling immensely. I have been on icy places where standing was difficult, but riding was not a problem. I have been called several variations of nuts, goofy, and crazy by those who don't ride, but there seems to be some admiration (even awe) in this. I seem also to impress those who ride only in the warmer times of year.

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Bicycle and Traffic laws

Several people have asked about Idaho law concerning bikes & stop signs - Click Here for Idaho Code 49-720. Click here to find other Idaho Statutes , Useful for searching the Vehicle Code for bicycle-related laws!



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